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The AltaCima winery projects a harmonic balance between its architecture and the landscape and integrates the most recent developments in the oenological and ecological worlds. The design allows a gentle handling of the grapes using gravity to preserve the integrity of the skins, which contain most of the characteristics of the future wine.

On the second floor of the winery, the grapes are emptied manually onto the selecting table (conveyor belt) where the undesirable parts are eliminated. The selected grapes are softly crushed in the crushing machine, located on top of the fermenting vats to avoid the use of pumps.

The stainless steels vats are short and wide and in part are specially designed for red wines. Their shape creates a thin hat of grape skins that facilitates extraction and during the fermenting process this hat is inundated by the turbo pigeur with the fermenting juice, thereby extracting all the colour, aromas, flavours, phenols, tannins and fruity characteristics that are oenlogically required. more