Klaus studied Oenology in Germany, and Katharina joined with great enthusiasm this passionate world, and she has also incorporated

A brief description of what Altacima Winery can offer their guests.

It´s a Boutique Winery.

Klaus Schroeder and Katharina Hanke, their owners will welcome you there.

with the wonderful sight of Cordillera de Los Andes, will be able to ask all the questions they want while comfortably seated.

If weather permits we can do the wine tasting there. (It’s an unforgettable experience). If it is a too cold day, this tasting will be held at the family house.

After finishing the tasting/tour we walk 400 meters to the family house, where Katharina will greet you to

During summer is better to organize the visit at six in the evening, it will impress you with the sun setting seen at the cellar lookout point. And after that, dinner is served at the house terrace, where you can enjoy the sight over the mountain and if we’re lucky we can see the moonrise. If there is a full moon best luck.

her delicious own recipes to be tasted with these fine wines (Filled Goose, Lamb with rosemary and Artichoke Hearts, Sirloin Carmenere Style). You will be welcomed by Klaus at Altacima Winery.

The tour starts at the cellar where Klaus will give you a short presentation of oenology telling you about the importance of wineyards and how our wines are processed, outstanding those special details characteristics of a cellar of the latest generation.

Klaus wants this tour to be a short one so that in our lookout point our visitors,

Appetizer is with home made foie gras, ratatouille of vegetables taken from the orchard, baby artichokes with rosemary in olive oil, and some other things depending on the season.During winter we greet our visitors in our cosy and big family house with a warm chimney fire.

show their hens, chickens, ducks, geese, lambs and her orchard.