La Cav Magazine
June 2006 Year 6 Nº105

The Schröders - Vineyards, wines and volcanoes. Klaus Schröder always wanted to make a wine that concentrated his knowledge and enological know-how, that rises above rough summits and that in only one sip speaks about his past in the colleges of Weinsberg and Geisenheim in Germany, where he studied enology and vineyard management and of his experienced gained at the wineries of San Pedro, Errazuriz Panquehue and Santa Rita, where he worked after his arrival in Chile in 1965.

His wine business started to form in 1974 when, with his wife Katharina Hanke, they purchased 62 hectares in the Lontué valley, facing the Planchon, Peteroa and Descabezado Grande volcanoes. Today, his passion and affection can be found in the wine AltaCima 6.330, a premium blend that states the name of winery and the height of a volcano from the North of Chile: it is the first exponent of a legend of summits that he intends to conquer with new blends and vintages.

Like a good boutique winery, AltaCima is focused only on the production of fine wines. The wine is made and sold as if in the jewelry business and Klaus counts on a supporting hand from his daughter Andrea. An industrial psychologist from the Catholic University , her initial work experience was in London where she met her husband, Tim Walsh (currently export manager of the winery). She is in charge of marketing, the woman with her foot on the accelerator and that can assure that although there may be difficult times ahead, there are good reasons to believe that the sales, image and quality will continue to increase. Obviously the thing is to aim high, every new summit and every new wine will be better than before. That is the mystic of the Schröders of AltaCima.


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