The name AltaCima (High Summit) reflects the peak of quality that the Oenologists continually attain with their wines which can be tasted on a special platform above the giant mixing vat. From this handpicked location the curvature of the roof of the winery creates the perfect picture frame to experience the beauty of the vineyards and the majestic power of the Andes volcanoes (Peteroa, Descabezado Grande and Planchon) in the distance.

During his childhood, Klaus Schröder, head oenologist and proprietor of Viña AltaCima, spent many holidays with his family at a winery in Caldas de Vizella in the district of Braga in Portugal . This repetitive experience and the recurring mystical memories had a influence on the selection of a profession, atypical in the range of alternatives on offer in post-war Europe .